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NopCommerce Advanced OnePage Checkout Plugin

Check out the Advanced Onepage Checkout Plugin

NopCommerce Product Review Plugin

Product Review Plugin will allow users to write review in product details page without page refresh. Users do not need to go to another page for writing review. Instead they will write review in the product details page. This plugin is fully responsive.

Features are listed below:

  • Support all browsers.
  • Fully Responsive.
  • Can write Review in Product details page.
  • Ajax product review.
  • Instantly update review list after writing new review.
  • Show list of reviews in product details page.
  • Added Pagination for product reviews.

Check out the Product Review plugin

Enabling Multilingual/Localization in SharePoint Framework Client Side Webparts

Check the below steps for adding multiple language in SharePoint Framework(SPFx) webparts:

1. Within "loc" folder you will see a file named "mystrings.d.ts". At first add property here like below:

declare interface ITestWebPartStrings {
    WebpartTitle: string;

2. There is a file for english language named "en-us.js". If you want to
add another language you have to create another file. For example if
you want to add Norwegian language then you have to create "nb-NO.js" file.

3. After that add the property in "nb-NO.js" file for Norwegian language.
And for english language add property within "en-us.js" file as like below:

define([], function() {
    return {
        "WebpartTitle": "YourTitle",

4. Now you have to import in your file.

import * as strings from 'TestWebPartStrings';

5. Now you can show "WebpartTitle" using "strings.WebpartTitle". This is the process to add multiple language.

let wpTitle = strings.WebpartTitle;

References from Microsoft documentation: Localize SharePoint Framework client-side web parts

NopValley with SSL Enabled
NopValley is now more secured. We have enabled SSL in our site. So payment will be more secured now.