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NopCommerce Home Page Fast Loader Plugin

NopCommerce Home Page Fast Loader Plugin will make home page very fast. So no more waiting for loading. It will give great user experience.

After performing any content update from admin panel some time later it will update home page content.  This plugin will create a schedular task named "HomePageUpdateTask". It will update home page periodically and for instant update run this manually. You will find Schedular Task list from here "/Admin/ScheduleTask/List". This plugin will work for default home page. If you have customized homepage then you can contact with us.

check the plugin from here -

NopCommerce Ajax Product Review Plugin

NopCommerce Ajax Product Review Plugin will allow users to write review in product details page without page refresh. Users do not need to go to another page for writing review. Instead they will write review in the product details page. This plugin is fully responsive.

NopCommerce Any Place Slider Plugin

NopCommerce Any Place Slider Plugin is now available in NopValley. With this Plugin you can add slider in any place of home page, category page and product page. Check the pligin from here -

NopCommerce bKash Payment Plugin

Now nopCommerce bKash payment plugin is available in nopvalley. Check the plugin from here -